Monday, 11 May 2015

Tatton Park exhibition

Creating work for the exhibition at Tatton Park has been a good experience as it has given me the chance to work with a different group of people and to a different context. After working on my last project for so long it has been nice to have a break and work on something new, and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking something old and modernising it in my own style. It is definitely a learning curve having to collaborate with a large group as you have to consider everyone’s ideas, and there is sometimes a struggle at group meetings with trying to find the best balance between what you want for your work and what will work well for the group.

Layout option 1

Layout option 2

As there are space limitations in the room we are exhibiting in at Tatton Park, I have tried to make my work flexible to fit in around others who are yet un-certain about the size and scale of their pieces, and have designed my work with two options in mind, as one large piece or 9 separate pieces. Whilst creating a piece of artwork for such a historic building has been an exciting opportunity, the uncertainty of the space I am going to get and not quite knowing what I am specifically creating has been a challenge. The project has however taught me a lot about time management, because when I have a long amount of time to complete a project its easy to waste a lot of time on it, and I think I work better with shorter or more structured time scales so that I make the most of my time. 

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